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  • Guang Qing (AnHui) Gas Technologies CO., LTD.
  • Exclusive Distirbutor of IMPCO's in the People's Republic of China
  • Guangqing (Anhui) Gas Combustion Technology Ltd is the subsidiary of the Project Engineering Incorporation (PEI, USA) in China, the first company that has introduced the EPA/ CARB certificated engine into China forklift market. As the authorized distributor of the IMPCO in China, Guangqing covers the fuel combustion system and all series parts for forklift trucks, light/ heavy-duty trucks, buses, generators, as well as other products such as forklift truck engines of famous brands in the world (Ford, GM) and electronic accelerators. With carrying out low-carbon-conception on mind, and support of leading technology of fuel combustion system from IMPCO, Guangqing has developed and produced its own forklift truck engines to meet with China market. Apart from the MPI engine optimized on the model of GQ491, GQ design and customized multi-fuel engines for different demand. On basis of that, we also developed NG conversion kit which suit for various forklift engine, providing customers with new application to traditional gasoline engine.

    As always, Guangqing have been promoting the idea of Green Power and doing our best to satisfy every customer, we cherish the multiplicity, encourage mutual development, and  have been keeping advance the low-carbon enterprise in China.

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